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The Ticking Clock of Aging

A team of Stanford CVI-affiliated researchers, including our own Dr. Nazish Sayed, identified a protein associated with increased inflammation that could be used to indicate healthy versus unhealthy aging.

Firearm injuries in children, teens costly for U.S. health care system, Stanford study finds

The average cost of initial hospitalization to treat pediatric gun injuries is about $13,000 per patient and has risen in recent decades, a Stanford Medicine study found. Pediatric Surgery's Dr. Stephanie Chao is interviewed.

Dr. Hawn Elected Vice Chair of ABS

Dr. Mary Hawn has been elected to serve as vice-chair of the American Board of Surgery (ABS) for the 2021-2022 term. She will succeed the current chair, Dr. Joe Hines, in 2022.

Universal Hepatitis B Screening Is Cost Effective

Compared with current practices, routine screening could prevent 23,000 deaths from liver disease. Asian Liver Center's Dr. Samuel So is interviewed.


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Stanford Surgery's Innovation Council presented "Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation." The Innovation Council consists of 10 members—Drs. Oliver Aalami, Dan Azagury, Jill Helms, Stefanie Jeffrey, Jim Korndorffer, Tom Krummel, Marc Melcher, Carla Pugh, Sakti Srivastava, James Wall—and is led by our VP of Innovation Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner.

Dr. Aussama Nassar demonstrates as Dr. Lisa Knowlton narrates proper donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as currently recommended by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Dr. Ron Dalman, Chief of Vascular Surgery at Stanford and current president of the Society for Vascular Surgeons, presents "What can diabetes teach us about abdominal aortic aneurysms?"

Stanford Surgery has expanded upon the traditional residency "research years" to include a wider variety of offerings including fellowships and advanced degrees.