High School Summer Programs

Clinical Anatomy

The Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) at Stanford University is for high school students considering careers in medical and health-related fields, such as medicine, surgery, dentistry, EMT/paramedics, nursing, biomedical engineering, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, and medical education. 

This summer we will offer two in-person sessions and one virtual session that will introduce students to the anatomy of the human body. Students will attend lectures given by Stanford Medicine faculty, engage in anatomy activities, observe surgical demonstrations, and attend workshops with Stanford physicians.

Stanford StaRS Program

Science Technology, and Reconstructive Surgery

The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers a 7-week, summer internship for outstanding high school and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical/biological sciences. This highly-selective program allows students to work on a research project in a given field, exposing them to the latest biochemical, molecular, and analytical techniques. Not your average resume-builder, this opportunity is free to students who are looking to get a head start and hands-on training.

SMASH Academy

SMASH Academy is a free-of-cost, STEM-intensive college preparation program for underrepresented and low-income high school students. Students admitted to this program will spend 5 weeks at Stanford University, where they will engage in STEM coursework, participate in networking activities, and prepare for the college application process. Students spend 3 consecutive summers in this program to gain support throughout high school and connect with long-lasting mentors.

The SMASH Medical Curriculum is comprised of five sessions designed to be interactive and expose the students to a range of healthcare careers. Led by social science researcher Serena Bidwell, our instructors are medical students, residents, faculty, and staff from the Stanford Department of Surgery.