Season 2, 2023

A podcast exploring clinical, translational, and health services research from Stanford University's Department of Surgery through conversations with the authors.

Each episode will focus on a recently published paper by one of our faculty and/or trainees. Listen to the stories behind the data and be the first to hear what our PIs are working on next! 

Price Transparency in Healthcare with Dr. Cliff Sheckter

Dr. Clifford Sheckter joins the show to talk about a paper recently published in JAMA Surgery: “Commercial Price Variation for Breast Reconstruction in the Era of Price Transparency.” The Price Transparency Act in 2021 allowed Sheckter to gather data from hospitals across the country and compare the pricing of an important but nonemergent procedure. He explains the price differentials and correlations.

Dr. Sheckter also talks about his work as a burn surgeon at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – a Level I burn unit. As the winner of a Travel Fellowship from the American Burn Association he hopes to learn more about treating children who suffer from burn injuries.

Dr. Sheckter is an assistant professor in our Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts with Dr. Deshka Foster

Dr. Deshka Foster joins the show to discuss her recent paper published in Cancer Cell titled “Multinomic analysis reveals conservation of cancer-associated fibroblast phenotypes across species and tissue of origin.” 

We also talk about Dr. Foster’s career as a Stanford General Surgery resident. Dr. Foster says she was able to earn her PhD by adding an extra year onto her professional development time thanks to amazing mentorship and the Advanced Residency Training at Stanford (ARTS) Program.

Learn how she got interested in bench work, managed her time, got funding, and totally crushed it. 

p.s. “Desmoplasia” is actually spelled exactly how it sounds!