Drs. Receive Stanford MD Teaching Awards

March 31, 2022

Dr. Ioana Baiu

Dr. Aussama Nassar

Two members of the Division of General Surgery have received 2020-21 MD Program Teaching Awards.

Dr. Aussama Nassar, a clinical assistant professor in the trauma section, received the Arthur L. Bloomfield Award.

The following comment accompanied his nomination:

One of the best clinical instructors I have worked with. Extremely focused on teaching both during and after rounds. Makes every member of the team feel included and part of the decision-making process. Professional and caring towards his patients. He has had an immense positive impact on my experiences in the ICU and on my learning. Absolute pleasure to work with. 

Dr. Ioana Biau, a chief resident, received the "The Gold Foundation Award for Residents." The award recognizes the outstanding contributions a particular resident has made to the medical student community's education and learning environment.

The following comment accompanied her nomination:

I absolutely love and look up to Ioana. She was one of the best chiefs I had on surgery. As I overheard one of the other chiefs saying about her once, she's someone I would want as my surgeon. She's incredibly knowledgeable, meticulous, and authoritative. She naturally commands respect from everyone around her without ever coming across as overbearing. She gives great feedback and meets students where they're at. Often in surgery, criticisms can tend to be more about idiosyncrasies/surgeon preferences, but whenever Ioana gave criticism, it was always constructive and always represented an important point in patient care. She's the kind of surgeon I hope to be one day.