LPCH Ranks #1 for Kidney Transplant

July 19, 2019

According to a new report from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), Stanford Children's Health at LPCH (CAPC) had the best outcomes in the nation for 1-year kidney transplant graft survival. The report also noted that Stanford Health Care's (CASU) patient survival at 1 year was 100%.

"The success of a transplant begins with the management of their failing organs, followed by the kidney transplant operation performed by skillful surgeons, and continues with the individualized long term management post-transplantation," said Chief of Abdominal Transplantation Dr. Carlos Esquivel. "The coordinators and social workers also play a very important role in this interdisciplinary team because they facilitate the communication among physicians, surgeons, consultants, patients and their families, their teachers and others, so children may grow and enjoy life fully! Transplantation is indeed a team sport!”

SRTR publishes semiannual reports for the US Department of Health and Human Services to assist in its oversight of the national organ transplantation system with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Read the report: