Three Residents Awarded LKS Surgeon Scholar Awards

July 5, 2022

Three residents were awarded Li Ka Shing (LKS) Surgeon Scholar Awards this year: Drs. Ananya Anand and Carlie Arbaugh from General Surgery and Dr. Rachel Pedreira from Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Anand will be using the funding to pursue a master's degree in health professional education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

"The MHPE program will provide me with invaluable educational experiences in teaching methods, curriculum development, and learner assessment that will position me well for a career in surgical education," said Dr. Anand.

She will also serve as the Surgical Education Fellow here at Stanford for the next two years.

Dr. Pedreira is pursuing a masters degree in clinical informatics at Stanford.

Unfortunately, it was determined that Dr. Arbaugh's plan for her professional development years would not qualify for funding according to the University's finance department. She still plans on attending culinary school and taking nutrition classes.

Dr. Ananya Anand

Dr. Carlie Arbaugh

Dr. Rachel Pedreira