Stanford Plastics Attends AAPS Annual Meeting

May 20, 2021

Dr. Arash Momeni at AAPS 2021

The Division of Plastic Surgery had a strong showing at the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) annual meeting in Miami, FL this week. Four podium presentations as well as two poster presentations were given on topics ranging from craniofacial surgery to breast reconstruction; the acceptance rate of the 458 submitted abstracts was a mere 21%.

Furthermore, faculty members Drs. Arash Momeni and Derrick Wan were inducted into the Association and Division Chief Dr. James Chang was elected to a second term as an AAPS trustee.

Podium presentations:

Obstructive sleep apnea is more common after sphincter pharyngoplasty – A longitudinal comparative analysis of 1,000 operations for velopharyngeal insufficiency
DH Rochlin, CC Sheckter, R Khosla, HP Lorenz

Failed breast conservation therapy predicts higher frequency of revisionary surgery post-mastectomy with reconstruction – An analysis of 6,288 women
CC Sheckter, DH Rochlin, A Momeni

Profibrotic pathways and surface markers are upregulated in fibroblasts of striae distensae
MR Borrelli, M Januszyk, R Nazerali, G Lee, D Wan, M Longaker, H Lorenz

Update of surgical treatment of lymphedema
DW Chang, J Dayan, AK Greene, JK MacDonald, J Masia, B Mehrara, PC Neligan, D Nguyen

Poster presentations:

Germ layer restricted Wnt and Hedgehog signaling regulate digit tip regeneration
ZN Maan, M Januszyk, J Barrera, I Weissman, G Gurtner

Endoscopic vs open surgery for craniosynostosis: Equal access, unequal outcomes
DH Rochlin, CC Sheckter, HP Lorenz, R Khosla