Two GenSurg Residents Named 2020 QIPSS Winners

May 26, 2020

Two general surgery residents were named 2020 Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium (QIPSS) Winners. "Nocturnal Awakening Prevention (NAP) Protocol" by Dr. Ioana Baiu won in the general category and "Preventing Unnecessary Admissions to SICU by developing a Multidisciplinary Clinical Pathway for Trauma Patients with Isolated Rib Fractures" by Dr. Josh Jaramillo won in the multidisciplinary category.

Other general surgery residents who presented include Dr. Garrison Carlos who presented "Improving and Standardizing Inpatient RN-MD Communication with a Voalte Messaging Protocol" and Dr. Ashley Titan who presented "Modifying Postoperative Opioid Prescribing Practices: an Institutional Intervention."

"I think it’s a great thing to advertise because QI is a field that is underappreciated. We do work that focuses on smart resource utilization and while it’s not as glamorous at times as resource innovation, it does have as its main goal very a concrete, quick and direct impact on patient safety as well as provider efficiency of work," said Baiu.

Stanford faculty members Drs. Paul Maggio and Rahim Nazareli also participated in the symposium as judges.