Bariatrics Program Reaccredited For Highest Level of Care

December 12, 2019

Stanford's Bariatrics Program has been reaccredited for the next three years. 

"We report outcomes on all our procedures—not just a sample like NSQIP—and therefore it provides a thorough quality monitoring and improvement platform," said Dr. Dan Azagury. "[The process is] also important because there are multiple designation levels (used on criteria such a available resources and equipment, not only surgical resources (such as surgeon’s operative volume and outcomes and OR resources) but multidisciplinary resources for the optimal management of bariatric patients such as specific radiology, interventional radiology, anesthesia, endoscopy, emergency room and other resources."

Stanford was rated a "Comprehensive Center," the highest level of achievement, which allows for the care of the most complex patients. This rating also makes insurance agencies, like Optum, more inclined to include Stanford in their network of preferred providers.

According to the report: 
"The dynamic and energy provided by the team is wonderful. The education is clean and very professional. The surveyor was most impressed by the pride in the care provided by staff. Dr. Azagury has skillfully shown phenomenal leadership and dedication. ...he clearly creates an environment for growth of the program and major changes to support recommendations by Dr. Zak to add perioperative protocols like ERAS implementation. In summary, the open and dedicated energy that Dr. Azagury promotes, allows the team to develop more patient-centered protocols and holistic treatment."

The process is conducted by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program