Holman Day is Stanford Surgery's annual celebration of science! The 2023 event took place on Friday, April 28th at the Center for Academic Medicine. Congratulations to the #holman23 winners!!!

Special Two-Part Episode: Holman 2023 Poster and Podium Winners

Dr. Shaunak Adkar is a professional development resident in our Vascular Surgery Residency Program. He shares how he got involved in the Leeper Lab, finding a mentor in new faculty member Dr. Derek Klarin, and how he used a genome-wide association study to reveal shared heritability between intracranial aneurysms with aortic aneurysms and atherosclerosis.

Dr. Deshka Foster joins Scrubcast once again, but this time to talk about a different part of the fibroblast continuum: abdominal adhesions. Her winning presentation “Avoiding a ‘sticky’ situation: Translation of a sustained-release therapeutic to prevent abdominal adhesions” was six years in the making. She talks about her groundbreaking research and the importance of constantly digging deeper into a project.

In part 2 we speak with the winners in the clinical, educational, and health services research science category.

Dr. Vy Ho is a rising Chief Resident in our Vascular Surgery Residency Program. Like her colleague Shaunak, she also looked at aneurysms but from an HSR point of view. She shares her research recommended screening rates and possible barriers to care.

Dr. Kirbi Yelorda is a rising Chief Resident in our General Surgery Residency Program. As a future colorectal surgeon, it’s no surprise that her health services research project focused on colorectal cancer and how it is affected by social risk factors.

Browse our virtual reality e-poster session just as you would in the real world. If you click on a poster that interests you, you'll hear the author's presentation. You can even chat with other participants, just as you would IRL. 

Moderators for Podium:
Basic/Translational: Drs. Amanda Kirane and Jeong Hyuen
HSR/Clinical/Education: Drs. Catherine Curtin and Derek Klarin

Judges: Drs. Mary Hawn, Arden Morris, Olivia Martinez, Lisa Knowlton & Andrea A Hayes Dixon.