Holman Day is Stanford Surgery's annual celebration of science! The 2023 event took place on Friday, April 28th at the Center for Academic Medicine. Congratulations to the #holman23 winners!!!

  • Shaunak Adkar (basic poster)
  • Vy Ho (clinical poster)
  • Deshka Foster (basic podium)
  • Kirbi Yelorda (clinical podium)

Browse our virtual reality e-poster session just as you would in the real world. If you click on a poster that interests you, you'll hear the author's presentation. You can even chat with other participants, just as you would IRL. 

Moderators for Podium:
Basic/Translational: Drs. Amanda Kirane and Jeong Hyuen
HSR/Clinical/Education: Drs. Catherine Curtin and Derek Klarin

Judges: Drs. Mary Hawn, Arden Morris, Olivia Martinez, Lisa Knowlton & Andrea A Hayes Dixon.