Surgical Opportunities for Medical Students

Surgical Clerkships

Stanford's Department of Surgery offers 13 clerkships to medical students in a variety of specialties. Programs are offered for both third- and fourth-year students and many are open to visitors. 

Stanford Surgery also offers two continuity clerkship opportunities for first- and third-year medical students that offer a longitudinal look at life as a surgeon. 

Contact Us

Karen Cockerill, Clerkship Coordinator

Tel: 650-498-6052

Surgical Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group at Stanford is committed to promoting surgery as a career, enhancing surgical education of medical students at Stanford and giving medical students every opportunity to thrive, learn and become a leader in surgery.

Research Liason

The Department of Surgery is actively working to ensure that the next generation of surgeons are well equipped with the tools they need to be successful. Kristen Kayser, the administrative manager of education, will serve as the new medical student liaison within the department. The purpose of this program is to support our students interest in surgery and to encourage their passion for research. A big part of Kristen’s role is to serve as the matchmaker, pairing faculty and medical students with similar research interests on projects they both find interesting and beneficial to their research goals. If you are a medical student interested in the program, please, contact Kristen Kayser to initiate the process.